We have assembled various configurations into kit form to provide you with parts you'll
need to construct a SkyShed.

Kit # 1    Kit # 2     Kit # 3     Custom Kit
Plans On CD and Support Jacks
Plans On CD , Support Jacks and Pier
Plans On CD, Steel Roofing, Support Jacks, Pre-Fab Panels, Wood, Tracks, Rollers, Hinges
Kit #3 Prices
Your choice of Kit variation. What Size do you want to build?

 Kit # 3 and Custom Kit Available only in Canada due to high shipping costs for international orders

Kit #1
SkyShed Plans on CD and 2 Roll Off Support Jacks
needed to complete the SkyShed. Support Jack Plans are included on the Plans CD in case you would prefer to order just that item and have the jacks made for you locally. Complete Materials Lists are included on the Plans CD. 
Price $200.00 US + $35.00 Shipping/Handling 
  Via Paypal
Kit #2
Plans, Support Jacks and Pier
- SkyShed Plans On CD, 2 Roll Off Support Jacks, and a 4 1/2", 6 5/8", 8 5/8", 10 5/8" or Custom Size Pier plus your choice of pier height and adaptor plate. Complete Materials Lists are included on the Plans CD.
Prices start at $650.00 US + Shipping/Handling

Click Here to send us an email to determine the shipping cost to your location. Please add your shipping address and type and size of telescope so that we can help you determine the right pier size for your needs. 

Kit #3
Rollers, Hinges Support Jacks Tracks
Plans On CD, Support Jacks, Pre-Fab Panels, Steel Roofing, Wood, Tracks, Rollers, Hinges - 
SkyShed Plans On CD, 2 Roll Off Support Jacks, Pre Constructed Wall Panels, Door Panel, Flower Boxes plus all the wood needed to complete your choice of SkyShed size (wood is pre-cut to size), Roll Off Tracks measured to fit your SkyShed, Rollers, Hinges and Door Hardware. Stain colour of your choice.

The Pine Wood used to create the Kit is "rough sawn" so that it absorbs much more stain. This way colour and weather protection last much longer.
Available kit sizes are from 6'X6' to 10'X14' and Custom Size. Pier is extra or you provide pier.

You supply the steel roofing (or not), stain (or not), nails, screws (except roofing screws), tools, 8 1/2" patio stones, a few scrap asphalt shingles, some small hardware, touch up stain, pier footing materials including cement mix, sonotube, anchor bolts. Complete materials lists are included on the Plans CD with the Kit.

Kit # 3 and Custom Kit Available only in Canada due to high shipping costs for international orders

Structure Stain Colours









Custom Colour
of Your Choice 

Golden Brown Red Cedar Grey
Steel Roof Colours

* We recommend a light coloured roof for heat reduction.

Kit #3 Prices These prices are for customers picking up or having kits delivered from our Ontario Canada facilities. Regional and International Dealer prices may be higher or lower depending on local material and labour costs.
 With Steel and Tracks    With Tracks   With No Steel or Tracks
Size CDN Size


Size CDN
6x6  $3950 6x6  $3810 6x6  $3670
6x8 $4250 6x8 $4125 6x8 $3885
8x8 $5450 8x8 $4300 8x8 $4150
8x10 $5050 8x10 $4855 8x10 $4535
8x12 $5590 8x12 $5350 8x12 $5050
10x10 $5615 10x10 $5375 10x10 $5100
10x12 $6070 10x12 $5770 10x12 $5355
10x14 $6440 10x14 $6110 10x14 $5840

All prices are + Shipping

In Ontario from Peterborough to Orillia to Windsor, we can deliver a Kit #3 to your location for a flat rate of $500.00 Cdn. For outside this area please contact us for travel prices.

Canadians, Pick Your Kit Up at our Stratford Location and Save Shipping Costs!

Very Important - For Kit #3 - Make sure the size of kit suits your needs. If you're not sure, Email Us and we'll assist you in matching up your setup to the right SkyShed size.

After we have determined your needs and notified you of your order total you can return to this page or the Buy Now page to transfer the funds for your order via PayPal. We will confirm your order after we have received notice from PayPal.

Custom Kit  
Maybe you want a different size than listed above or
you'd like to choose from a variation of parts and we'll put a quote together for you.

Click Here to send us an email to let us know what you need. 

If you have any questions not answered here please check out the FAQ page or send us and email.

After we have totaled your order via email, return here to Send Money via PayPal. We will include money transfer directions in the order total message.
If at any time you have any questions you can contact us here or at any of the email contact points throughout the website.


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